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Selling and Moving Tips

Our suggestions to help you sell your property and useful tips for when you move home.

The Exterior of Your Home

First impressions count… The exterior of your home is the first thing a prospective buyer will see. The front door is particularly important as it is a focal point and most people who are serious about house hunting tend to drive or walk past a house before making an appointment to view. Keep it neat and clean and make sure it looks welcoming.

Keep the Front Garden Tidy… be sure that lawns are well trimmed and keep the garden neat. A tidy garden looks great viewed from a window and also looks bigger than an unkept untidy one.

The Interior of Your Home

Redecorate… If any part of your home needs decoration badly, redecorate. You must not think just because you are selling you should leave it for the new owner as it makes a huge difference with first impressions.

De Clutter… and de personalise. Remove ornaments, photo frames, toys, toy boxes etc, this will make the room look larger.

See to the odd jobs… fix squeaky floor boards, drippings taps, creaky doors etc.

Clear stairways… Objects left on stairs are dangerous a present a crowded appearance.

Sparkling bathroom… ESSENTIAL.

Fresh flowers and plants… Your home is on display, prepare it as if you are expecting guests, well you are!

Light is important… bright rooms are cheerful rooms to a prospective buyer. Use curtain ties to pull back the curtains and bring in more light. If a room is dark use lamps for extra light.

Neat bedrooms help… Make sure beds are well made and that dresser or table tops are neatly arranged. Put away personal items. 

During Viewings

Too many people are distracting… it is advisable for one person to show the viewer around. Don’t have your whole family trailing inquisitively behind. The buyer will have more chance to concentrate on the house.

Noise will distract the viewer… it would be best to turn off radio’s and televisions.

Make your home smell inviting… Use air fresheners or if you own a coffee perculator, whip up some coffee and let potential buyers enjoy the aroma.

Sell your house not what’s in it… do not try to sell the potential buyer any of your furniture, carpets or fittings. It will confuse them and detract interest from the house.

Let us do the talking… If you have requested accompanied viewings then leave it to us. If you are at home while the viewing is taking place try not to follow us around.

Keep pets away… dogs and cats are a distraction and a turn off.

Never apologise for the appearance of your home… it will draw attention to something that most probably would of gone unnoticed.

Do not get involved in a discussion or debate… if your potential buyer makes a comment, if they object or remark about a room arrangement let them discuss it between themselves, everybody has their own way of living.

Clear out the garage… a cluttered garage will give the wrong impression on size.

Do not enter into negotiations on price… that is what we are here for, to save you from feeling uncomfortable if an offer is spoken of.


Before the Move…

Arrange to get your mail re-directed. Application forms for 1, 3 or 12 months re-direction service are available from your local post office.

Send change of address forms out to necessary companies.

Advise relatives, friends, your bank, building society, insurance company, Inland Revenue, Employer, Council Tax office and DVLA of your change of address.
Don’t forget your doctor, dentist, optician and your children’s schools.

Read meters and inform the utilities of your move.

Arrange supplies to your new home, electricity, gas, oil, telephone, milk, newspaper.

Make arrangements for your kitchen appliances to be connected, plumbed in on day or the day after moving in.

Ensure your pets are looked after for the day so they are not in the way and so you’re not worrying about them.

Defrost fridge and freezer.

Confirm moving date with removal company.

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